Bikers Against Trafficking

This weekend, I was able to attend a Human Trafficking Workshop with Doc and Rainey from Bikers Against Trafficking. The workshop was packed full of great information, most notably including the effect trauma has on the developing brain and how to best help someone working through the trauma.

Rainey and Doc are the Founders of Bikers Against Trafficking (BAT) and are two incredible people that both survived being sex trafficked. They have a deep passion to eradicate human sex trafficking around the globe. BAT is a nonprofit that was founded in January 2016 here in Florida but has grown to be international in its reach.

BAT’s mission is to mobilize members of the motorcycle community (and those like minded) to help eradicate human sex trafficking & restore those impacted by building awareness, clinical trauma counseling, job placement, housing assistance, and mentoring.  They also fight against the “demand” by providing addiction counseling & intervention through their partners.

I am grateful for, and inspired by, Doc and Rainey. They found a unique and impactful way to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking and in the lives of many overcomers…though they would be quick to tell you that they always do it for the ONE!

Written by: Lauren Johnson, Founder of ReleaseSARA

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