We’ve been supporting survivors of sex trafficking for 10 years now, providing essential oils to safe homes and other programs around the country for the purpose of emotional release and healing from the trauma they’ve endured. 

This year, our ministry is branching out and putting down roots. SARA’s Roots. We are working to provide transitional housing coupled with support services for survivors who are homeless or in need of transitional housing as a result of being sexually exploited.

We currently have a home secured for one year but are still in need of donor funding to ensure all needs are met. We need to raise a minimum of $3000 per month or $36,000 for the year. If you have a desire to help further our mission of supporting survivors of trafficking through the restoration process, you can donate below. ReleaseSARA is a 501(c)(3) so donations are tax deductible and you will receive a donation receipt from us at the email provided.