Redeeming Broken {and weary}

Can I be honest with y’all for a minute? Good.

Growing awareness to this ministry has been no easy feat.  I naively began this journey thinking it would be easy to gain an organic following and foundation of supporters. I believed in what we were all about and assumed others would be just as on fire about this ministry as myself.  I was wrong.  On top of the algorithms you have to overcome on Instagram and Facebook  just to make your profile pop up in peoples’ feeds, I’m also trying to gain support on two topics that many people just aren’t ready to discuss.

While many of us in the oily world can’t imagine a life without essential oils, there are many people who still don’t understand them…and, quite frankly, don’t want to spend the time educating themselves on it. I get it. It’s a lifestyle change that can seem overwhelming at first. I felt the same way in the beginning!  But add that to the other topic that the MAJORITY of people do not want to discuss {trafficking} and you’ve got the formula for one hard ministry to get people to back.

So I found myself frustrated last night and praying in the shower that God would just send more people to help spread the word about our ministry–to help us share with others what we are doing and raise support so that we can get more oils into the hands of more survivors, in more facilities just like Freedom Place.

I kid you not, after getting out of the shower and getting dressed, I had an alert pop up on Instagram that someone had tagged me in a post. I looked to see what it was all about, only to find that one very sweet follower of ReleaseSARA had written a blog post about 5 of her favorite ethical graphic tees…and we were one of those five!  She wrote the sweetest write up about us and what we are doing.  I was blown away. I didn’t even know she had a blog.  I had not asked her to do this. I had just prayed for someone, anyone, to help us spread the word.  And she was the very quick answer to that prayer.

My heart is full of gratitude for her and for a God who listens to silly little prayers lifted up in the shower.  She admits, her following is not large yet.  But you know what? I don’t care…because she used her “voice” to help us as best as she could and because she was a clear reminder that God is listening and behind this ministry and its growth.  It may not be as fast as I would have imagined, but it’s growing at a perfect rate…in His timing.

His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. As the heavens are higher than earth, so are His thoughts higher than our thoughts, and His ways greater than our own. (Is. 55:8-9)

Would y’all help support my new, sweet friend and partner in the fight, RedeemingBroken by checking out her blog {}?

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