Essential oils are the life force of aromatic plants, acting as the plant’s defense system…much like our blood does for us.  They aid in a healthy immune system, contain hormone-like compounds that initiate cell regeneration, and fight fungi that seek to attack the plant.  

These very concentrated liquids can be extracted and steam distilled from the flowers, bark, needles, stems, leaves, or resin of the plants.  Citrus essential oils are slightly different in that they are not steam distilled but rather cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit.

Just like in the plant they are extracted from, essential oils work at the cellular level to create homeostasis (balance) in our body. They work with the body to provide support and aid the body in proper function.

There are essential oils to act on each and every body system: immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous,  renal/urinary, reproductive, and respiratory systems.  So, yes, there’s an oil for that!


TOPICALLY: The oils are commonly applied to the bottoms of the feet which have the largest pores in the body.  The oil travels from the bottoms of the feet to the tips of the hair in 20 minutes.  All of the reflex points for each organ are on the bottoms of the feet as well, making this an excellent place to apply topically.  You can also apply the oils on other areas of the body as needed.

DIFFUSED: Use an essential oil diffuser (never a standard humidifier) to disperse the oil into the air so that it can be inhaled. This method is especially great for children.

INHALED: Simply inhale straight from the bottle.

INGESTED:  In terms of chemistry, one drop under the tongue (which is the fastest and easiest way to the bloodstream) is equal to 7-9 drops in a capsule…this is due to loss in the digestive tract.  Some oils are too hot to be taken under the tongue, in which case gel capsules are useful.  NOTE: We only recommend using Young Living’s Vitality oils internally. These have been approved by the FDA for use as a dietary (internal) supplement. Also, note, we give only Young Living Essential Oils to the survivors we serve for quality & safety reasons.

3. Why do we only donate Young Living eo’s?

The way we see it, if we wouldn’t use it on our own children, why would we give it to survivors of trafficking? We want the best of the best for the survivors we serve, just like we do for our own family.

The difference in quality and why we chose Young Living boiled down to two things for us:

1. French method. There are three schools of thought when it comes to oil usage:  British, French, and German.  The French is the only model that sees a need for 100% pure, unadulterated oils since they see a benefit to taking the oils internally. With YL there are no shortcuts.  Nothing is added.  Nothing is taken away.

2. Quality Assurance. YL is the only EO company that can provide a seed-to-seal guarantee (or anything like it)….meaning YL owns the entire process: planting, distilling, bottling, etc.  In contrast,  95-98% of essential oil brands choose to purchase the oils already distilled, not knowing the standards used to plant, weed, distill, etc.  They simply re-bottle and re-label them as their own. With YL, there is no wondering what happened to the oil as it was passed from supplier to supplier.


Actually, you cannot trust terms such as “pure” or “natural” when it comes to essential oils. These labeling terms are not strictly monitored.  An EO can contain as little as 5% plant material and still be labeled “pure.”  It could be synthetic, adulterated, or diluted …not at all pure.

Young Living, however, subjects every lot of oil to a battery of testing that includes heavy metal analysis, flash point, and a host of other tests. They guarantee that each lot of oil is clean and pure and goes beyond organic standards in the ground in which they grow their crops and in the manner in which the crops are harvested. All pest control and weeding on the farms is performed with essential oils and other natural methods.  Members are ALWAYS welcome to visit the farms and distilleries at any time.

Get Essential Oils for Your Family

You can purchase Young Living Essential Oils and receive ongoing education and support directly from Lauren’s Root + Gather Community.

Lauren donates a minimum of 10% of commissions from her YL business to ReleaseSARA, so even when you order your oils and other non-toxic products through her, you’re supporting this ministry and the survivors we support!