Shopping fair trade is growing in popularity as more consumers are becoming conscious of where their products are coming from and how the workers who make these items are being treated.  Fair trade organizations like the ones we partner with, seek to support the socially and economically marginalized by giving them a hand up rather than a hand out.   They ensure that the artisans and farmers they work with are paid fair wages, working under safe conditions, and are environmentally responsible. They also seek to help the artisans and farmers create a sustainable economic future for their families and their community.

All of the products in our shop are from ethical sources and fair trade organizations that seek to empower the marginalized. Some of the products are even handmade by survivors of trafficking. We feel strongly that we need to make sure we are not fueling the demand for labor trafficking as we fight for survivors of sex trafficking.

When you purchase these fair trade items from our shop you can feel doubly good about it.  Not only are you helping to create a sustainable future for the artisan who made your new favorite item, but you’re also providing the means to give essential oils to survivors of sex trafficking here in America–allowing them the opportunity to move forward in total freedom and into a brighter, healthier future…free from the emotions that once weighed them down.